"Picture a dark void. Somewhere along there is light, but all  that surrounds you is the unknown. Between this darkness, someone pulls your hand and guides you towards this light. As you reach it, you look around to find yourself surrounded with others that were directed by this rescuer. That, to me, is the job of a teacher. That, to me, is Dr. Ulloa."

- Joshua Lucero (University of Texas at El Paso Student)

"Dr. Ulloa's background in Mexican, Latin American and Spanish music changed the perspective of the students. I had the opportunity to learn the variety of music like Spanish music, Mexican music, and even Cuban music. Dr. Ulloa is an excellent resource."

- Maria Arenas (University of Texas at El Paso Student)

"Dr. Ulloa is such a caring and loving person who is willing to help anyone who steps into her class or office. What needs to be understood is that individual voice instructors have a close relationship with their students."

- Michael Cortez (University of Texas at El Paso Student)

"She gave me the motivation to grow my voice to what it is now and still gives me the motivation to see how much more it can grow. She has been one of the people who has wanted nothing more than to watch me succeed."

- Ashley Delgado (University of Texas at El Paso Student)

"She brought out in each performer their sense of self-value while at the same time giving helpful hints with regards to proper vocal techniques. She was able to enthuse and energize the developing singers in a variety of solo songs."

- Dr. William McMillan 

  (El Paso Community College Choral Director)

"She's always trying to make us better not only as musicians but as individuals and she always wants the best intentions for us no matter what it is."

- Aylin Franco (University of Texas at El Paso Student)

"Juanita...a classically trained soprano. It's her primary and formidable instrument...sounds starts from the area of her kneecaps...she also shines on piano...a sophisticated range of music.

- Calvin Ahlgren (San Francisco Chronicle)

"With a smooth delivery and an exquisite voice, singer Juanita Ulloa is one of the finest mariachi singers in the country. Ulloa always impresses because she knows how to blend power with control."

- Ramiro Burr (Writer/author)

"It is a great pleasure to find in Juanita a singer who can cross over convincingly between the styles of operatic arias and several styles in popular veins. Juanita's technique is fluent, her phrasing mature, and her delivery charged with dramatic emotional impact. Juanita is a born performer - she makes the audience feel their integral role in the performance, and knows how to treat everyone to a fine elegant evening.

- Peter Jaffe, Conductor, Stockton Symphony

"Dr. Ulloa has a voracious appetite to learn and constantly improve, which makes her a great teacher. She applies everything with creativity, great dedication, and thoroughness. While she loves to perform, she also possesses the qualities of a born teacher.

- Jane Randolph                                                           

  (San Francisco Conservatory of Music Voice Professor) 

"Dr. Ulloa's knowledge of and enthusiasm for the vocal music of Latin America are truly unique.  She deftly combines her linguistic skills, performing experience, years of research, and teaching in all that she does.”


John Nix (Associate Professor, UT San Antonio)

Dr. Ulloa provided vocal training sessions during the recent 2017 NAJIT Educational Conference. Our members enjoy and benefit from her use of formal vocal training geared towards voice and speech components of interpreting. In the many years that she has offered these sessions, they have been very well attended and the feedback has always been overwhelmingly positive.

- Rob Cruz (Executive Director National Association of             Judiciary Interpreters & Translators)